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Child having her eyes tested

Eye examination fees for children under 16 and young adults aged 16, 17 or 18 and still in full time education, are fully funded by the NHS.


The NHS also provides assistance towards the basic costs of glasses, if a prescription is required.

Children can have an eyesight test at any age. They do not need to be able to read, or even speak to have their eyes tested.


Eye tests are particularly important if there's a history of squint or lazy eye in your family. However, it’s important for your child to have regular eye tests as they grow up as the earlier problems are picked up the sooner they can be addressed.


We offer a large selection of free kids glasses as well as designer options from Ray Ban, Oakley and more.

We have also introduced an exclusive range of The Roald Dahl Story Company eyewear featuring your favourite characters from the books. With every purchase of one of these frames, we will be offering a free reading book! Contact us to learn more.


We can often provide a 30 minute glazing service so you can collect your child’s glasses on the same visit as the eye test!

Our friendly and experienced team are on hand to help you and your child choose the best frame and lenses for their needs, so you can be confident in their fit and vision. 

Roald Dahl Childrens Eyewear
Kids playing football


As more and more children are now playing sports like rugby and football the need for eye safety is more apparent. 

It is also now gradually becoming mandatory for children who need corrective lenses to wear protective eyewear when playing sports, so we offer a range that includes impact protection lenses, sports straps and a chunky protective case.

Don’t let the need for corrective eyewear stop your child from taking part in sports and enjoying an active lifestyle. 

Talk to the team today about the different options available to your child. Let us help you to find a durable yet comfortable solution that means they can continue with their favourite activities.


We offer a thorough screening to ensure you have the best achievable vision and general health of your eyes. 

eye test chart


Book online today and select an appointment that works best for you.



Our contact lenses are a great option for those seeking an alternative to wearing glasses. 

contact lenses
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